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Imagem do Casino

You can acess this roulette by temple on HIGHEST CASINO FLOOR, you need a jackpot coin to pay, you can get this coin on store or killing bosses/doing dungeons

Tabela de Upgrades
Rewards Chance Item Info
Extremely Rare Exp Heart 12x
Extremely Rare Exp Heart 11x
Extremely Rare Full Golden Outfit
Extremely Rare Full Demon Outfit
Extremely Rare Good Rod 2hand
Extremely Rare Good Wand 2hand
Extremely Rare Crossbow Atk140
Extremely Rare Sword 117/60 2hand
Extremely Rare Club 118/55 2hand
Extremely Rare Axe 119/52 2hand
Rare Supreme Knight Box
Rare Supreme Druid Box
Rare Supreme Paladin Box
Rare Supreme Sorcerer Box
Comum Red Out Shadder
Comum Rainbow Out Shadder
Comum Rainbow Shadder
Comum Glitch Shadder
Comum Blue Out Shadder
Comum Lethalmask Outfit
Comum Kingspike Outfit
Comum Sr Kayoh Outfit
Comum Palacel Outfit
Comum Boostzone Bless
Comum Secret Box
Comum Supreme Key
Comum Remove Red Skull
Comum Exp Gloves
Comum Team Hunt 1k
Comum Team Hunt 5k
Comum Team Hunt 3k
Comum Exclusive Hunt 1k
Comum Exclusive Hunt 3k
Comum Exclusive Hunt 10k
Comum exp totem
Comum totem booster
Comum jackpot coin
Comum casino coin
Comum 10x green power gem
Comum brazilian wing
Comum stamina refil
Comum item seller
Comum infinite bless
Comum 100x diamond event
Comum 100x crystal coin
Comum train dummy
Comum unlock BP2
Comum unlock BP3
Comum unlock BP4
Comum unlock BP5